Thursday, 8 August 2013

DIY: Above Knuckle Rings

The plain, silver above knuckle rings that I was wearing in my latest Primark haul video got  lotta loving and I thought I'd be good citizen and share their sneaky secret! 

5 Plain Silver Above Knuckle Rings - DIY
Others - Gifts/Primark/River Island
Nail Varnish - Barry M Gelly "Greenberry"

Above knuckle rings seem to be ridiculously overpriced in the shops at the moment and as someone who loses rings on a daily basis I refuse to pay £8 - £15 for a ring that will go missing next Saturday night. But I needed to get me paws on some of these rings, so I had a little think and ... BINGO!!

And now for the secret...these dupes are simply large jump rings, normally used for jewellery making! 

Would you have guessed?!

The only thing that gives them away is the join in the ring but that sits on the underside of my fingers anyway so no one is any the wiser! 

To decide which ones to order I measured the rough circumference of my middle finger and ordered these 18mm ones off Ebay. They fit perfectly on my second and middle fingers but are a little looser on my ring finger...meh. If you're worried about the sizing I would opt for a mm or so smaller than you think you need but make sure the rings are "open" so you can open or close them as you wish to fit each finger. I've lost a couple but at less than £2 for 20, that's hardly a problem!

So there we go! The secret is out and now you can all get some of these DIY beauties for one will ever know...

T x


  1. That is such a fabulous idea! I'm currently on ebay ready to buy them :)