Sunday, 20 April 2014

Fancy Doing Me A Favour?


I hope you're all having an amazing weekend. Typically today the weather is awful but that makes it all the more acceptable to sit inside stuffing ourselves with hot cross buns and mountains of chocolate!

So here's the thing. I know you've probably been inundated with these posts but here's one more. I've just been nominated for the Company Blogger Awards 2014 and I need your help!

If you enjoy my blog or YouTube I would love nothing more than for you to vote for me. It's very easy, will take less than 2 minutes (promise!) and you can vote as many times as you want if you're feeling generous!

 Either follow this link or the image at the top of my blog and enter my blog under the Best Personal Style Blog - Newcomer category.

It would mean the world especially as I'm such a teeny blog so please do let me know if you vote so I can thank you personally.


T x

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Catching The Sparks That Flew From Her Heels

Cropped top - Primark 
Midi Skirt - Primark 
Shoes - FCUK Juines via Ebay
Clutch - Matalan (old)
Lipstick - Topshop "Depth"

A couple of months ago I picked up this amazing rose gold midi skirt from Primark. It doesn't fit well at all but the sheer beauty of it and the teeny price tag (£12) had me sold!

I've paired it with my fluffy cropped jumper and favourite heels of the moment to make the perfect outfit for a night of drinks or dancing! This is actually pretty much what I wore for Christmas Day all those months ago and luckily the pale, girlie colours really suit for Spring!

All the pretty pink sequins and fluffy textures were too much so I had to top the look off with a super dark gothic lip. I've shown this lipstick on my Youtube Channel before and its had really mixed reactions but I absolutely love it! 

Hope you're all having a lovely week and enjoying this amazing weather! Apparently it's due to turn nassssssty for the Easter weekend...good ole England eh?

T x

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


 Dress - Fashion Union
Boots - Matalan (old)
Coat - Vintage
Lipstick - Sleek "Smother"

If you follow my Instagram (ABritishBunny) you may already know that the other weekend we all headed off to Oxford to watch Dan fight for the title...aaaaaaaaaaand...he won with a KO in the first round and now he has the GoT style title of "WELTER WEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE SOUTHERN REGION" and this big ole belt for keeps!
(Here's the video if you're interested)

It's always tricky to know what to wear to these things. Although it's classed as a fight "night" we normally arrive around 2/3 ish and don't leave til gone 9. The dresscode varies from tracksuits to ballgowns (no joke) so I tend to plonk for my usual smart/casual dress and boots combination.

I got this T Shirt dress from Fashion Union (super cheap but really slow delivery time) a while ago. As the material is super clingy and highlights any lumps and bumps it's been sitting on my clothes rail waiting for me to lose a bit of weight for a while, so literally jumped at me for the chance to accompany Spanx to fight night! 

I love this kind of oversized shift dress with ankle boots and the mesh panelling on the sleeves makes it a more edgy, evening piece. Obviously my favourite Matalan boots were called for duty and threw on my "vintage" pink coat for a bit of warmth!

It was a brilliant evening and I'm so proud of the victories achieved by Dan and his team.

But the real question is...who can pull off the Champion look better?

T x