Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Love Will Tear Us Apart - OOTN

This dress is flying round the blogisphere at the moment! Every single blogger and You Tuber in their right mind has got their hands on one of these badboys and I for one can completely understand the hype. They cost £12, fit like a dream and have a Topshop worthy print that flatters every complexion!

My dress had it's first formal outing the other night when we headed out for my boyfriend's birthday supper, and it passed the food baby test with flying colours!

Dress - Primark
Boots - Matalan HERE
Lipstick - Kate Moss for Rimmel no 107 HERE

I've seen it worn with heels, hats and collars but I decided to wear mine with my current favourite stompy boots. They were a bargain buy from Matalan and I've been living in them for the last month or so. They have cut outs at the heels which I'm not a fan of but if I wear them with plain black socks only the eagle eyed would notice!

Do any of you have one of these dresses? I'd love to know how you'd style it!

T x

Monday, 29 July 2013

OOTD: Greek Beach Party

Top - New Look
Shorts - Primark 
Shoes - New Look
Sunglasses - H&M 

The final part of the wedding was the party on the beach on Sunday..errr...WOW! The happy couple had hired out a breathtaking bay for the party complete with bar and food stalls.

Having spent 3 days celebrating it was nice to relax with the friends we'd made throughout the wedding and we spent the sunny afternoon in and out of the sea, drinking cocktails and prancing round in our personalised wedding t shirts! 

So long Greece, it was a pleasure!

Now I'm back to England *sob* and work *sob*...meh. What did you all think of these posts? I hope they were interesting, back to normal English outfit posts against mediocre backgrounds very soon!

T x

Friday, 26 July 2013

OOTN: Watch The Sun Come Up

We walked along the beach to get to the evening reception venue atop a cliff over looking the sea. It was going to be a long night full of food, dancing and celebrations so I needed an outfit that would last me until the sun came up!

Those of you who watch my you tube videos may recognise the shoes and dress from two different Primark hauls and the Primark obsessives amongst you may have an inkling...but I can confirm...this whole outfit is from Primark!

Dress - Primark £12
Clutch - Primark £2 
Cuff - Primark £3
Shoes - Primark £12

Check out my Youtube Primark hauls -  HERE and HERE

Partying with members of the Italian and Greek elite and fashionistas in head-to-toe Primark is a risky move as it may not be a "dirty little secret" but it's not really classed as a revered fashion house! But no one rumbled me and a couple of guests even commented on how much they liked my outfit...*smug smirk*...mwahahahaaaa if only you knew!

One of my favourite outfits EVERRRRRRRRRRRR I know this dress will be a staple for this summer! It's one of the most beautiful printed items I own and the shape is divine, Primarni I salute you!

Daddy S rocked a traditional dapper English gent look in a linen suit and blue shirt.

The party was incredible! Elegant, glamorous and stylish complete with personalised cocktails, suprise fireworks, an amazing soundtrack and mouth wateringly good food...nom nom lobster risotto...nommmmm. We had a whale of a time and didn't get home until breakfast time!

 T x

Thursday, 25 July 2013

OOTD: Wedding Belles

The wedding was set for midday on Saturday in a little old town set on the side of a mountain. It was going to be a beautiful day but outfit wise the heat of the midday sun, the hours of standing around, the sloping roads and wonky cobbles all gave me the willies!

Dress - Peacocks (v old)
Clutch - Mulberry
Sunglasses - New Look
Manky old moccasins - New Look

The complete lack of heelage with this outfit makes me really really sad. It just doesn't look right at all finished with dirty moccasins but in to be honest my feet started to hurt in flats after 3 hours of standing on cobbles in the sunshine so I'm kinda glad I went for practicality over looks!

My dress was a total saviour, it's a super old cheapy from Peacocks that was hiding in the back of my wardrobe! Pure cotton, floaty skirt and a tight bustier which allowed me to go braless so I was cool, calm and collected throughout the long, hot service.

I've never been to a traditional Greek wedding before, it was an incredible thing to watch! Every move made my the bride and groom was correographed, almost like a play as they both arrived from different sides of the church to meet each other outside before heading in.

 The groom, Enrico, arrived on a "donkey" (pretty sure it was just a pony but that's not the point) with his best man to greet the guests. A bit later the violins and guitars started playing to announce the arrival of the bride, Katerina, and her parents.

Katerina's dress was unbelievably beautiful, apparently made by one of the most famous designers in Greece, lacy and delicate if not a little risque, she looked elegant and ethereal.

Greeks don't do pews in churches, it's sort of a free-for-all with people going in and out when they get too hot or want to see what's going on. The interior of the church was an ecclectic jumble of chandeliers, statues, paintings and hundreds of guests all trying to see the happy couple!

At the end of the ceremony the guests all throw rice all over the newly weds and they do a special little dance together to celebrate!

Everyone headed to the local square for drinks and then to the beach to cool off before the evening reception - post to follow!

T x

Get Us To The Greek

These next couple of posts are a little different...

Last weekend Daddy Spender and I travelled to the beautiful Greek Island of Samos for a Mama Mia style four-day wedding! Packing for such an occasion is an exciting and daunting prospect bearing in  mind the searing heat, various different parties and unknown cultural dress codes...cue headless chicken panic and hours spent googling "greek wedding guest outfits".

We landed in the melting heat and waited at the baggage carousel until the last lonely bag had been and gone. Typically our bags had never made it on the plane.

My plan for this weekend was to take an overload of outfit pictures in front of beautiful Greek backdrops but through no fault of my own, I was scuppered and spent over 24 stale hours in my travel outfit.

T shirt - Cos
Trousers - Primark
We were invited up to the bride's house to take part in the Krevati, the first part of the wedding celebrations. It's a traditional Greek ceremony for the blessing of the marriage, involving as many family and friends as you can squeeze into the house! Sugared almonds and rice are thrown all over the marital bed and children are tossed in the sheets to encourage fertility. Anyone who is unmarried has to eat some of the fertility/marriage cake - brioche covered in honey and sprinkled in almonds - totally delicious if not a little concerning!

And then the dancing starts...family, friends, children all dancing together in the streets...all night long...

We weren't feeling our best so ducked out a little earlier than everyone else to get a good night's sleep ready for tomorrow's festivities!

Have any of you ever been to a Greek wedding? I'd be really interested to know how your experience was!

T x

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Video: Primark Summer Haul July 2013

Soooooo I "nipped" into Primark to pick up some basics, and ended up spending a whole lotta dollaaaaaaaaaaar...eek!

Check it out HERE
T x

Thursday, 11 July 2013

OOTN: Evening Sun

The other night I headed out to watch my friend's band play their first ever gig! They were incredible and it was a wicked night full of dancing and jagerbombbbbbbs!

I wanted a cool layered outfit with edgy accessories and came up with this gothic little number...

Dress - H&M 
Faux Leather Gilet - Primark DIY
Boots - Topshop "Attitude" boots via Ebay
Clutch - Matalan

I love this outfit! It's so versatile and easy to wear for all sorts of different occasions - you could swap the boots for flats and make it far more casual looking or lose the gilet and pile on a big wooly cardigan instead. 

H&M were doing these simple shift style dresses in a huge range of colours last year and I've got my fingers crossed they'll bring them back this year so I can stock up!

Clutch - HERE

For me, the main talking point (and probably least expensive bit of this outfit) is this beaut of a clutch from Matalan...for £14...holy moley. 

It's ikat/aztec printed, embroidered with tiny orange and gold beads and the perfect size to store all the essentials for a good night out. I dithered over buying it for a couple of weeks as I have so many clutch bags I never use, and then posted it on Instagram for an opinion. Everyone said "buy" and when I popped in to have a nose round, there was only one left in the store...hello fate, thanks for that!

What do you think of this outfit?

T x

Monday, 8 July 2013

Bloggers Lookbook June 2013

So it's a little late but here are my 3 fave blogger looks from last month...

Fashion Fade - Hola Chicas

Image belongs to Penny from Fashion Fade -http://fashion-fade.blogspot.co.uk

Penny is one of the first fashion bloggers I ever discovered and I'm still hooked. She seems to live a ridiculously hectic life and doesn't post as much as we'd like her to...but every time a new post goes up I go absolutely BATSHIT CRAZY over her outfits! She throws together outfits that no one else would ever think of and they always look incredible. When I grow up I'd like to be her please!

She Wears Fashion - Wicked

Image belongs to Kavita from She Wears Fashion - http://www.shewearsfashion.com

I recently went back to the start of Kavita's blog and was amazed at the transformation she's undergone from cute kid to fashion vixen. Recently she's been wearing a lot of sports-luxe type outfits which aren't really my style but this amazing outfit ticks all my boxes - simple and sexy with an edge of grunge. I don't think anyone could pull of this look the same way she does. Unbearably beautiful with a fashion sense to die for - she is the high priestess of fashion - get on your knees people!

The Little Magpie - Ukelele

Image belongs to Amy from The Little Magpie - http://amybell-thelittlemagpie.blogspot.co.uk

She's done it again! To be honest I don't think anyone is suprised... 

What do you think of the 3 favourite looks I've picked from last month?

T x