Monday, 9 September 2013

Girls Who Watch Boys Who Watch Girls

Dress - Primark 
Clutch - Primark sale
Socks - Primark 
Shoes - French Connection "Juines" HERE

Heels with frilly socks, now there's a combo I didn't think I'd ever be seen wearing. Dress and heels, yes of course, but the addition of these "girlie-girl" socks was something quite out of the ordinary for me. 

This bargain Primark dress paired with a colour block clutch and stonking great heels makes for the perfect date night/girls night out look and the socks just add a little summin' summin'. Whether it was a moment of madness or a lightning bolt of brilliance I couldn't tell you, but I'm glad I took a leap of faith and stepped out of my comfort zone as I actually kind of love this look!

How would you style the socks/heels combination?

T x


  1. love your style!

  2. you look adorable.lov the dress.the frilly
    white socks and heels looks great on you.
    hope everyone loved this on you