Monday, 9 December 2013

Camo Kid

Jeans - New Look HERE
Camo Jacket - New Look sale
Boots - Ebay HERE
Faux Fur - Ebay HERE
Fedora - Miss Selfridge HERE
Cross Ring - Ebay HERE

I'm a born and bred "Army brat" and have always associated camouflage with my dad and the military life that I've lived. In my opinion it's something to be respected and worn only by those who have earned it...but then some fashion genius decided that it could be worn by anyone anywhere...

This is the only piece of camouflage I own, it took forever find and for me it's perfect. It's a simple, oversized camouflage shirt. No tacky militia buttons or badges or shoulder detail. That's it. Plain and simple. Respectful. 

In a funny sort of way it's almost subtle especially when paired with different textures such as my fave faux fur collar and Chloe wannabe booties. A subtle nod to fashion and family in one snug little Autumn outfit.

T x

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