Wednesday, 19 June 2013

OOTN: Can't Catch A Rainbow

Heading out for a slap up birthday supper for  my "mother-in-law" on Saturday night

Dress - Apricot (v old, inherited from a friend)
Belt - Primark
Clutch - Ralph Lauren 
Boots - Mr Shoes (out of stock on that site and cannot find them in stock on any other sites :( keep your eyes peeled!)

Love this dress! It hides all your lumps and bumps but allows you to show as much or as little shoulder as your want so you don't end up looking like a total pudding. Turns out it's pretty see through in direct sunlight but hey ho. You win some you lose some!

These Lita style boots are my shoe saviours! I bought 3 different pairs last years for c£35 from Truffle and they are worth every penny. Pretty much identical to the JC's they are seriously comfy and easy peasy to walk, run and even jump in all evening long. I also have the paisley and the matte black faux leather ones and wouldn't be without them! Can't find these aztec print babies anywhere online at the moment but always worth doing a scout round the web every couple of weeks if you really want a pair.

We had a lovely evening. Stuffed ourselves with deliiiiiiiiiish Greek food and had to be rolled home and into bed!

T x

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