Thursday, 24 October 2013

Video: Blackpool Weekend VLOG 18th - 20th October '13

Dan and I headed off on a mini adventure to Blackpool for the weekend. He's just come back from his Thai travels so we thought it would be good to get away together and go somewhere amazing...Blackpool it was! 

I filmed as much as I could - turns out it's actually a real effort to remember to film throughout the day! It was a hilarious weekend! Check out my VLOG HERE and be prepared for plenty of unflattering angles and jibber jabber!


T x


  1. My home town!! The vlog was fab, hope you enjoyed Blackpool and all it has to offer haha! :) X

  2. No way!! So jealous!! Absolutely loved it and would be there every weekend if I could afford the train fare! x