Monday, 21 October 2013

TARTAN 3 Ways: Day

Fedora - Miss Selfridge
Jumper - Topman (bfs)
Dress - Primark
Socks - Topshop
Pumps - Topshop

For this daytime look I used my Primark dress as a base layered with a classic burgundy knit and topped with a fedora. Knee high socks with tartan can be a little risky but paired with flats they are a cool alternative to tights before the weather turns arctic and flashing some flesh is totally out of the question! This isn't the most flattering of outfits but it's ridiculously warm and comfy, perfect for running errands or a lazy day at home.

Autumn is all about layering and a little flash of tartan makes any outfit a little more festive and in my opinion you can never have enough of it. I've got my beady eye on a couple more pieces to add to my collection : this skirt from Missguided, this dress from Boohoo and this suit (blazer & trousers) from ASOS. A girl can dream...*sigh*...

Hope you've all had a beaut of a weekend! D and I have just returned from our weekend in Blackpool so keep a lookout for a vlog on my YouTube channel later this week!

T x