Monday, 12 May 2014


Watch it HERE

A video on how I do my hair has been highly requested and I finalllllllllly got round to making it the other day!

I'd never really thought about it before but watching it back made me realise how complicated and time consuming it is! I've been using all these products for a while now and they really do work for me but won't be everyone's cup of tea. The only product I'm not a fan of is the VO5 texturising spray...the Charles Worthington one is definitely better...but it was the only one I had to hand!

If you have any questions do let me know!

T x

I've been shortlisted for the Company Blogger Awards 2014!! 
Thank you so much to everyone who's already voted, it means so much! 
If you'd like to vote for me again to get through to the final just follow THIS LINK and select my blog (A British Bunny) under the Best Personal Style Blog - Newcomer (2nd category). 
Thank youuuuuuu, love you longtime!


  1. now that is volume! LOVE !!

    come say hi :-)

  2. I voted for you after carefully checking the competition. I love your down-to-earth, fun, interesting personality and the fact that your blog isn't just one long tedious shopping blog, and mot important I love your outfits, your hair routine, and that you love charity shops without being strident or political about it (you seem so appealing in so many ways!). Good luck. You should win. Love your blog.


    1. Thank you so much, think that is possibly the nicest thing anyone's ever said - it's made me feel all warm and fuzzy! Soooo glad you like my blog and I'm so happy you chose to vote for me! Honestly made my day, thank youuuuu! Much love x

  3. Amazing post! Congrats on being shorlisted and good luck too! =)
    Please, check out my blog!

    Please, Vote for WHAT TO STYLE for Best International Blog Newcomer