Tuesday, 14 May 2013

OOTN: Can't Touch This

Saturday night was the time to take my new Celine-style tee out for a spin! 

It's taken me a good month or so to get hold of one of these bad boys. They've been bombing round the blogisphere for a couple of months now and as a result have been sold out on Ebay but my bad luck stopped the other week and I'm now a proud owner of my very own version!


T Shirt - Ebay 
Trousers - H&M (sale)
Shoes - New Look (v old)

Collar - Morrocco
Spiked Necklace - ASOS (old)
Name Necklace - mynamenecklace.com
Hamsa Hand - Morrocco
Teardrop pendant - Xmas present

I teamed my tee with burgundy faux-leather trousers, courts and some serious neck armour. I've been seeing a lot of necklace stacking going on on Instagram and have been meaning to hunt down some cheap necklaces to connect together  when I have the time - it looks so freaking cool! Everyone loves a good arm party so why not let your neck have one too?

Just a quick heads up...whole body parties + vodka aren't such a good look...!

What do you think about of these t-shirts and stacked necklaces?

T x


  1. Hey, gorgeous outfit!
    just wondering what size you went for in the tshirt? I'm unsure cos they're unisex haha!
    Thanks :)
    Emily x x

    1. Hi, think I got a small women's one so it was an 8-10! I'd say if you're getting a unisex one try and look at the measurements and go for a S or XS depending on your size x