Thursday, 25 July 2013

Get Us To The Greek

These next couple of posts are a little different...

Last weekend Daddy Spender and I travelled to the beautiful Greek Island of Samos for a Mama Mia style four-day wedding! Packing for such an occasion is an exciting and daunting prospect bearing in  mind the searing heat, various different parties and unknown cultural dress codes...cue headless chicken panic and hours spent googling "greek wedding guest outfits".

We landed in the melting heat and waited at the baggage carousel until the last lonely bag had been and gone. Typically our bags had never made it on the plane.

My plan for this weekend was to take an overload of outfit pictures in front of beautiful Greek backdrops but through no fault of my own, I was scuppered and spent over 24 stale hours in my travel outfit.

T shirt - Cos
Trousers - Primark
We were invited up to the bride's house to take part in the Krevati, the first part of the wedding celebrations. It's a traditional Greek ceremony for the blessing of the marriage, involving as many family and friends as you can squeeze into the house! Sugared almonds and rice are thrown all over the marital bed and children are tossed in the sheets to encourage fertility. Anyone who is unmarried has to eat some of the fertility/marriage cake - brioche covered in honey and sprinkled in almonds - totally delicious if not a little concerning!

And then the dancing, friends, children all dancing together in the streets...all night long...

We weren't feeling our best so ducked out a little earlier than everyone else to get a good night's sleep ready for tomorrow's festivities!

Have any of you ever been to a Greek wedding? I'd be really interested to know how your experience was!

T x

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