Friday, 26 July 2013

OOTN: Watch The Sun Come Up

We walked along the beach to get to the evening reception venue atop a cliff over looking the sea. It was going to be a long night full of food, dancing and celebrations so I needed an outfit that would last me until the sun came up!

Those of you who watch my you tube videos may recognise the shoes and dress from two different Primark hauls and the Primark obsessives amongst you may have an inkling...but I can confirm...this whole outfit is from Primark!

Dress - Primark £12
Clutch - Primark £2 
Cuff - Primark £3
Shoes - Primark £12

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Partying with members of the Italian and Greek elite and fashionistas in head-to-toe Primark is a risky move as it may not be a "dirty little secret" but it's not really classed as a revered fashion house! But no one rumbled me and a couple of guests even commented on how much they liked my outfit...*smug smirk*...mwahahahaaaa if only you knew!

One of my favourite outfits EVERRRRRRRRRRRR I know this dress will be a staple for this summer! It's one of the most beautiful printed items I own and the shape is divine, Primarni I salute you!

Daddy S rocked a traditional dapper English gent look in a linen suit and blue shirt.

The party was incredible! Elegant, glamorous and stylish complete with personalised cocktails, suprise fireworks, an amazing soundtrack and mouth wateringly good food...nom nom lobster risotto...nommmmm. We had a whale of a time and didn't get home until breakfast time!

 T x


  1. These pictures are amazing, what a perfect backdrop for outfit photos :-)

    1. It was even more beautiful in real life! x

  2. beautiful outfit <3 your blog, is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too < keep in touch!


  3. Lovely pictures! Your outfit is such a gorgeous summery outfit, I love it - can't believe it is all from primark!xx

    - Jayne
    Electra Violet

    1. I know! Primark has so much beautiful stuff in store atm and the quality has improved so much too! X

  4. You look gorgeous!

  5. those shoes! <3

  6. Absolutely stunning florals!

    check out my blog