Thursday, 25 July 2013

OOTD: Wedding Belles

The wedding was set for midday on Saturday in a little old town set on the side of a mountain. It was going to be a beautiful day but outfit wise the heat of the midday sun, the hours of standing around, the sloping roads and wonky cobbles all gave me the willies!

Dress - Peacocks (v old)
Clutch - Mulberry
Sunglasses - New Look
Manky old moccasins - New Look

The complete lack of heelage with this outfit makes me really really sad. It just doesn't look right at all finished with dirty moccasins but in to be honest my feet started to hurt in flats after 3 hours of standing on cobbles in the sunshine so I'm kinda glad I went for practicality over looks!

My dress was a total saviour, it's a super old cheapy from Peacocks that was hiding in the back of my wardrobe! Pure cotton, floaty skirt and a tight bustier which allowed me to go braless so I was cool, calm and collected throughout the long, hot service.

I've never been to a traditional Greek wedding before, it was an incredible thing to watch! Every move made my the bride and groom was correographed, almost like a play as they both arrived from different sides of the church to meet each other outside before heading in.

 The groom, Enrico, arrived on a "donkey" (pretty sure it was just a pony but that's not the point) with his best man to greet the guests. A bit later the violins and guitars started playing to announce the arrival of the bride, Katerina, and her parents.

Katerina's dress was unbelievably beautiful, apparently made by one of the most famous designers in Greece, lacy and delicate if not a little risque, she looked elegant and ethereal.

Greeks don't do pews in churches, it's sort of a free-for-all with people going in and out when they get too hot or want to see what's going on. The interior of the church was an ecclectic jumble of chandeliers, statues, paintings and hundreds of guests all trying to see the happy couple!

At the end of the ceremony the guests all throw rice all over the newly weds and they do a special little dance together to celebrate!

Everyone headed to the local square for drinks and then to the beach to cool off before the evening reception - post to follow!

T x

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