Thursday, 19 September 2013

London Fashion Week #1 WIWHW

This post is a little deceiving. If you've clicked on it to check out all the London Fashion Week street style snaps and usual outfit spotting antics of other're in the wrong place.

WIWHW stands for "what I would have worn"...

Sunglasses - Ebay HERE
Coat - Charity Shop
Dress - Charity Shop
Boots - "Attitude" boots from Topshop HERE
Body chain - Primark 

So this is WIWHW for a daytime session at LFW! 

A coat was a necessity. This year the weather was awful and I noticed that although plenty of fashionistas started Day 1 in bralets and cutouts, by Day 3 they were all wrapped up in fedoras and knitwear!

Pastel colours are all the rage for outerwear this season apparently, so my staple cocoon coat would be both a practical and fashion conscious choice especially when paired with my paisley maxi dress which practically screams "Russian folklore/hippy chic". Sunglasses are an obvious must have daaaaahling (these bug-eyed beauts were an absolute Ebay bargain) and of course statement shoes are a must. These boots aren't the most comfortable and I wouldn't want to spend hours traipsing the streets in them, but for a couple of hours they would definitely be bearable enough! 

Finally a LFW outfit wouldn't be ready without the addition of some kindy of "quirky" accessory, I decided to play it safe and go with my Primark bodychain. What do you think of my daytime look?

Fingers crossed that maybe one day I'll actually get to go! In the meantime stalking everyone's blog posts will have to do.

T x

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  1. I love the idea of a 'wiwhw' post! Nice for the not so lucky bloggers that didn't visit LFW! Loooove the prints in this look :)

    Fab post!

    Amy, Xx