Saturday, 21 September 2013

London Fashion Week #2 WIWHW

Coat - Ebay similar HERE
Top - Matalan sale (v old)
Kilt - Charity Shop
Bag - Gift
Shoes - Primark

This outfit is at the other end of the spectrum from my last LFW styled post, but why the hell not?!

 Now that Autumn has definitely settled it's time to dig the tartan out and this bargain kilt has been gagging for an outing since I bought it at the start of the year. It just happened to be hanging next to this sequin t shirt in my wardrobe and...tadaaaah! To beat the chill I gave in to fashionista peer pressure and decided to DRAPE my coat rather than wear it. It's pretty impractical but I do actually quite like the way it looks...The whole look is rounded up with black accessories and an easy peasy beehive!

So that's that! What do you think of my two imaginary LFW looks? 

I actually might make this WIWHW idea a regular feature! It gives me a chance to dress up and pretend I'm one of the cool kids every so often.

T x


  1. I nominated you for the leibster award! :) and I love your coat!

  2. I love the skirt and I would have definitely 'street style' snapped you at LFW :)