Thursday, 11 April 2013

Charity Shop Conversion

2013 has stirred something in me. It's weird and unnerving. I think I'm growing up.

At the ripe old age of 23 I have finally discovered the unfathomable joys of shopping in charity shops! 

The idea of actually having to hunt for treasure rather than just scanning through the rails used to bore me but at the start of the year I took the plunge and have never looked back! There's something about charity shops; the pace is so leisurely that you can browse for hours without being hassled, the volunteer staff are unbelievably friendly, there's no banging bass ringing through your ears and the musty smell is somehow comforting. 

Really not sure how it's taken so long but finaaaaaally, I am a charity shop convert!

Over the weekend I picked up a couple of bits from my local shops so I thought I'd share them with y'all to give you an idea of the beauts that are out there...

Grey Jumper

Can you believe that this is an Angora-type wool jumper for less than a fiver?! Holy Moley! 
The label says that it's a size 22/24 but I swear it must only be a 14/16 - perfect oversized jumper for this cold weather. I actually wore it last weekend - see the post here

Old School Kilt 
Not sure what drew me to this kilt, it's pretty similar to the ones we used to have to wear at school and I always used to hate them! It's mid length and falls between the knee and ankle - not the best length but as it's an 8 I can easily wear it as a waisted skirt and shorten the lenth. Really need to wear this before Summer comes but not sure there's going to be an opportunity! Thinking of styling this up with a tucked in knit and chunky ankle boot...nommmm....

And the crowning glory...

Paisley Maxi Dress
This dress is incredible! Could not believe my luck when I spotted it on a sale rail. Trying it on made me feel like Jessa from Girls as this is exactly the kind of kooky outfit I'd imagine her wearing with a huge bun and dangly earrings. 
The print is beautiful, a dark green/purple/ochre paisley pattern and it falls to just above my ankles. It's a little on the big side so the bust doesn't sit as tightly as I'd like but I'm pretty sure I can take a tuck in the back to tighten it up. I LOVE IT!!

My camera lanyard seems to have snuck into this shot - naughty boy!

Have you got any amazing treasures from charity shops recently?

T x

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