Thursday, 11 April 2013

OOTD: A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Happy Thursday!

I know it's a little on the late side but here's another awkward outfit post to show what I wore to visit the "in-laws" on Sunday

Jumper - Charity Shop
Faux leather skirt - H&M
Tights - Marks and Spencer
Socks - Primark 
Boots - Ebay 

These boots are the absolute love of my life... 

A blatant copy of the Chloe studded boots or the Office Nighthawk versions but a mere fraction of the price at £25 inc p&p! I bought them back over Autums last year and can't remember which Ebay seller I got them from but there are links to similar pairs here, here and here.

 I know that everyone and their mum has a pair of these boots but honestly I've worn them religiously since last year and still love them to death. The soles have actually cracked due to serious over wear and I'm reluctant to show them to anyone for fear that the problem may be incurable and I will soon have to say goodbye to them *sob*

I picked up this enormous jumper from a local charity shop over the weekend - absolute bargain at £3.95 as it's made of angora-type wool and so snug for these chilly "spring"days. I'll do a post on my charity shop treasures soon as I managed to bag myself a selection of absolute beauties for next to nothing!

T x

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