Saturday, 6 April 2013

DIY Spiked Headband

Spiked headbands have been around for a while now. This ole bandwaggon has been steadily rolling down the road since Autumn/Winter 2012 and I have to admit I've only just caught up with it!

To be fair I'd been meaning to get hold of one of these Statue of Liberty-esque headpieces for aaaages but they all seemed to be ridiculously overpriced! The sparsely studded headbands in Topshop would have burnt a reasonably large hole in my pocket and, although it's each to their own, I just refuse to pay £14 for something that I could make myself. 

So that's how we ended up here.

This took me about half an hour to make and cost less than £7... *fist pump*

You will need:
  • 1 x elasticated headband, this needs to be flat so you can screw the studs into it - mine's an old H&M one that I'd had for years
  • Approximately 10 x Cone studs with screw on backs - easily obtained from Ebay or a haberdashery  
  • Sharp scissors

Firstly you need to poke evenly spaced holes through the headband with the end of the scissors. I left a 1cm gap between holes and covered the area of headband over my forehead.

Then it's just a case of unscrewing the base of the stud from the cone. 

I ended up using pretty hefty studs (about 2cm long from the base to the tip) and do wish that maybe I'd used slightly shorter ones - turns out a 2cm is considered "dangerous" and most bouncers aren't fans!

Once the bases are unscrewed simply push them through each hole from back to front

And finally, screw the cones back onto the bases...TA DAH!

Wear your handiwork with pride but avoid hugs and headstands!

I'd love to know if any of you have tried making one of these bad boys

T x

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